Soutache Accesorios
Soutache accessories was born with the personal desire of create handcrafting accessories for my family, friends and myself. Along with the days and the improvement of the technique, which accessories was making, the demand of the products was raising. I have always had the idea of create my own business, and learn to take care of it and create jobs. In that moment, I realized that the elaboration of the accessories could be my entrance door to accomplish this goal. The brand call itself Soutache because of the technique that made possible the creation of the accessories. With all this, the task to search better materials, variety of colors, necessary tools was began, but the most important task was to investigate and learn to know my goal market, distinguish the needs and preferences that my market had and which will be my plus valor to my product. In this way I realized over the time in addition that the product was very accepted, the need lay in accessories that were fancy and quality, but at the same time the price had to be in the economic scope for my potential clients. However, I do not have the only intention to supply this need, but too allows to my clients to choose personalization in the accessories based in colors and styles. With these important steps, a page in Facebook is open as the only media to sale the product, and with the pass of the months, the business growing in audience. Then I have the need to look for a graphic designer in order to create image to the product, the content of the page in Facebook, and the legal inscription of the brand. By today, we are a brand in constant growth, yet a little small, but with big dreams, purposes and desires. With all this, we are very thankful for all the people outside that are our customers and intern that are who are behind all our processes. Because all them are the motor that made possible Soutache.

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