Pedí-Mix® was created after several social reunions in which, I Fernando Cuadra, founder, started mixing the ingredients of «Micheladas» and «Sangrías» for my friend’s drinks. After a while receiving positive criticism along came the idea of commercializing the bottled product. In January 2012 the sales of the two products began, focusing on the direct consumerist, which were mostly friends and family; eventually the sales increased and business started with restaurants, bars, and pubs all around the city. Later, due to an exclusive request, it was launched to the market the new product: «Jugo de Limón 100% Natural» (100 % natural lemon juice), given that lemons are actually the raw material for all products. Finally, two years later «La Diabla» was created, in the same way it did the lemon juice, these product was designed to be used as an alternative to «Michelada Mix» or as a «Bloody Mary Mix» as well.

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