Finca Santa Clara
Our story began in 1997 when we built our house in a rural area in Jinotepe, in a three hectares’ yard, where basic grains were cultivated. Since we began, we have implemented soil and water conservation techniques; we planted coffee, fruits and timber trees. We learnt to process our fruits, to sell them in trade fairs; in this way, we got our first clients. In 2006 we founded our enterprise strongly willing to contribute, through this, to environmental conservation. For this purpose, we have been buying products, at higher prices than the local market, to farmers who in their practices follow our conservational ideals. In order to achieve our goals, to have higher impact and buy lots, it is necessary to sell a lot: therefore, to export. The latter is our goal for 2016. Currently we are twenty-seven people working in this enterprise, of which eighteen are women and nine are men. We, Lilliam and Dominique, have been striving for our enterprise to be pleasing: for human, equal, and fair treatments.

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