Café Beraca
With just enought resourses to market the first one hundred pounds of coffee, we decided to visit coffee growers in different áreas of the country, arriving to the mountain of Dipilto place in wich we found coffee harvested at a height of 1,300 meters above the sea level, coffee with dark tones and a pleasant scent. Café Beraca a Hebrew name meaning Valley of Blessings. Born on September 12, 2016. It arises initially from a need and at the same time as a family business. The idea comes from two young Christians, intrepeneurs with many desires of self-improvement. Sure to have found 100% organic coffee and with the perfect combination to guarantee an excellent degustable experience to the consumers of the product. We started with the sale of medium roasted coffee with an online store and delivery service. With little time of having undertaken this project we are marketing our product in different places. Today we can thank God and have the satisfaction that day by day we see grow our company with the good acceptance of the Nicaraguan population.

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