Café Alborada
In the mountains of Jinotega, Finca Alborada selects each year the best coffee beans to create the magic and harmony that accompanies the beginning of each day. Café Alborada is not a coffee company, we are a family, we love coffee, we have known it from generation to generation, from the mountains where we played when we were children, to the vocation to which we have dedicated our adult life. Because we love this drink, our family wants to share with you this love for the production of quality coffee, a coffee of origin that contains traits and distinctive virtues, a coffee where you can determine essential characteristics like flavor, aroma and very defined body. Finca Alborada, is located in the department of Jinotega, Nicaragua, at a height of about 1,000 meters; Where the land is extremely fertile and has excellent conditions for growing and harvesting coffee. Why Alborada? We liked Alborada, because it is a name that is related to the dawn and means the initial moment of the day, from when the light begins to appear until the sun rises. By tradition, at the farm we always get up to make coffee at 4:30 am, but before we take it, we always talk about the results we have had, the improvements we will make on the farm, what will we do next season? How will we do it? When we will do it? Why we do it ?, basic questions that lead us to improve day by day to grow, to provide a quality product and obviously, focus on our main objective, consumer families. Once the coffee is ready, we enjoy it and look forward to the sunrise (ALBORADA)

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