Bebe Vida
The roots of our business come from a long time ago, because in the family we have been interested in eating healthy, preventive medicine and those are principles that appear in the book of books, the Holy Bible. When I had the opportunity to set up a business that was a benefit for consumers, I started a small vegetarian store, offering milkshakes, hamburgers, sandwiches, soy drinks, sesame and other products, including GRANOLA, which stood out for its demand. I felt she was saying "I am a great option to market, people love me". This made me decide to take action and continue to elaborate this product that is so complete with respect to nutrition because it contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins and at the same time is so delicious. Claudio has been my right hand to start the business and we made the necessary arrangements to purchase all the initial equipment for production and since then we have partnered for the work that we both care and we move forward. So we have been able to continue with the initial purpose of making food products, we really think that we are working with the heart, that we do something that we love.

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